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Eliminate redundant applications and databases with a single system

NorthStar Software Solutions has developed its systems from the ground up to meet the advanced needs of the converging video, voice and data markets using the best and most advanced development tools in the industry.

Insite enables service providers to accelerate the launch of innovative new services, solidify customer relationships, and reduce expenses associated with traditional approaches to subscriber management. Insite is the only system needed for operators to support all products and services.


Consumer and business demand for Internet access is steadily increasing, and so is the competition for providers. What used to be a neatly defined market with a few providers of dial-up access or leased lines for business has become a multi-dimensional industry. Today, cable operators, DLECs, CLECs, DSL providers, wireless carriers and other next-generation communications providers are all competing with traditional Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

These dynamics accelerate competition and create new opportunities for providers to strengthen their customer base. It is essential that providers leverage efficient business models to engage the customer with the right offers through the right channels at the right time, while they provide superior subscriber support through every stage of the customer life cycle.



Since 1994, NorthStar has supported the changing and demanding billing and subscriber management needs of providers in the cable, broadband and satellite industry. Empowered by experienced people, proven processes and leading technologies, we offer a flexible business approach.

NorthStar understands the complexities and challenges that operators are facing in the marketplace. From the increased pressure to provide competitive differentiation, the need to offer world-class customer care and rapidly introduce new products and services to the marketplace, operators require an innovative solution that is market-proven and adaptable to their unique requirements. NorthStar’s successful track record in developing, delivering and supporting innovative billing and subscriber management solutions for the industry can help operators meet both their financial and operational goals.

While this dynamic industry and your business continue to change,you need an operational support system that is also capable of supporting next generation services. NorthStar employs the latest and most advanced technology in its system to help you stay ahead of the competition, improve support and automate business processes.


With the advent of competition for voice services from new technologies and non-traditional competitors, wireline operators seek to maintain market share and increase revenue by expanding their service offerings with data, IP and convergent bundled services. Operators are focusing on improved financial performance from new revenue sources, while at the same time reducing costs and improving operational efficiencies.

Our solutions allow for the billing, order management and customer care service needs of existing service offerings, while providing the capability to offer new technologies to the same customer base utilizing a single system.


Increased competition for customers and the deplopyment of advanced metering technologies, combined with new regulatory requirements to provide enhanced customer service at lower cost, has led to a significant re-appraisal of customer and data management strategies in utility markets globally.

The focus is now clearly on understanding customers better and ensuring that processes and systems can deliver excellence in billing, customer service and revenue collection while ensuring that the cost to serve is kept to a minimum.

Emphasis is also now placed on maximising the value of large volumes of interval data collected from advanced metering infrastructures (AMI), to drive energy conservation and demand-side strategies whilst reducing costs of managing meter assets.

With proven solutions for billing and subscriber management combined with our advanced metering tools and experience makes NorthStar a natural choice as a solutions provider for the utilities marketplace.