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About NorthStar

Who is NorthStar?

Founded in 1994, NorthStar is a privately held company that specializes in the support and management of voice, video and data subscribers. NorthStar provides solutions to nearly 100 operators serving over 1.5 million subscribers across North America.

What does NorthStar do?

NorthStar helps voice, video and data service providers manage the customer experience by providing customer-centric solutions from strategy to execution across the entire customer lifecycle. By leveraging best-in-class operations across its nationwide platform of people, process, technology and infrastructure, NorthStar provides front- and back-office subscriber management software and services that may either integrate with or replace existing operations.

Meet The Team

Meet Our Fantastic Team of Hosting Heroes

Josh Thackery


Our commitment and vision is to expand our core competencies to meet the dynamic needs of the broadband marketplace.

Kelli Jones

Customer Service

Complete customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. At NorthStar, we strive to provide our clients and their customers with “best-in-class” support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Jenni Dick

Client Support

In order to be successful, we believe that we can not only meet, but must consistently exceed our clients expectations.

Brandi Scott


Our promise is to meet all of the needs of our clients and to provide their subscribers with seamless service.

Sherry Rose

Field Operations

NorthStar is devoted to providing a high quality yet efficient service to our clients. By constantly analyzing work loads and schedules, we ensure that your customers are taken care of in a timely manner.

Doug Clingman

Information Technology

At our core, we are a technology company. We are built on the premise that the appropriate application of technology will serve our clients interests.

Denna Hughes

Business Development

As we are hard at work building new relationships everyday, we are working just as hard to maintain the satisfaction of our existing clients and fulfill the needs of their customers.