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Interactive Subscriber Information Technology

Performance and Usability

NorthStar has raised the bar in terms of features, performance and usability with its next generation business support system.

Developmental Tools

Insite has been developed from the ground up to meet the advanced needs of the converging video, voice and data markets using the best and most advanced developmental tools in the industry.


Designed to be completely platform and database independent, Insite allows you to utilize more of your current system architecture while allowing you the flexibility to adapt to future technology.

Ease of Use

We outlined our vision to create a new business support system that was not only state-of-the-art, but also sets new standards in ease of use and functionality.

Insite Features

Customer Care

Insite provides a comprehensive tool set for your customer service team to enhance your service levels while reducing the cost of managing your subscriber base. Its customer centric approach enables rapid resolution to customer issues, immediate access to all customer information and 24×7 subscriber self-service options.


Insite is a true convergent billing engine with the flexibility to add new services and handle multiple discount models and promotions irrespective of the delivery network. Regardless of the number or types of services or products, Insite features a universal view of the customers transactions through a single, integrated database.


The reporting capability of Insite is powered by Crystal Reports, the recognized leader in business intelligence. Insite incorporates a wide range of statistical analysis charts and reports, all integrated with the database system. Insites report system includes automatic report scheduling and distribution so that you need not spend time running the reports and can focus more on analyzing them.

Workflow Management

Just as important as how your operations are functioning in-house, it is equally important to understand how your staff is fulfilling the commitments of your organization. Effectively managing these commitments requires a management solution that effectively and efficiently schedules, tracks, provisions and fulfills the order. Insite allows your customer service and dispatch team to easily perform each of these functions.


Flexible discounting and promotions capabilities allow you to bundle, package and promote multiple services, packages and installation specials and apply discounts. Qualifying feature types may also be selected. Insite can also be set up to prompt your customer service team to suggest specific promotions and packages to customers based on their selections.

Equipment Tracking

Insite tracks your assets by equipment type, serial number, location and owner as well as many other fields. In addition custom fields may be defined to provide your field personnel with all information necessary to streamline your installation, maintenance and service operations. Insite also defines equipment movement procedures, tracks lost equipment and logs the history of equipment changes and repairs.


Insite’s rating system is a multi-purpose real-time rating system for business transactions. It is most useful for usage transactions, such as telephone calls, wireless calls, IP usage transaction, utilities transactions (water, gas, electricity), etc.

Subscriber Web Care

The Insite self-care solutions allow subscribers to make on-demand updates to their account information at any time and see those changes take effect immediately after submitting the change, with no involvement from your staff. Subscribers can order new service, upgrade existing services, view statement, make payment and report service problems. The self-care portal pages can be branded, personalized, and customized for seamless integration into your existing web presence or used independently for customers to learn more about your company.

  • New Customers can now sign up for service from the website (they can actually see all services offered in your service area along with details and pricing)
  • Existing subscribers can add upgrade/add new services
  • Submit trouble tickets online (also includes a FAQ section for troubleshooting)
  • Setup to pay monthly via credit card or electronic check
  • View their current services
  • Update their account information
  • View their transaction history
  • Sign up to receive their statement via email
  • View their statement online
  • And last and most importantly they can pay their bill with either a credit card or an electronic check


Insite can easily interface with any third party to provide real time provisioning and activation of services or equipment such as VOD, sVOD, smart cards, cable modems and IP telephony as well as traditional analog, digital and PPV services. Furthermore, Insite can support multiple types of addressable technologies within the same headend or multiple headends.

By integrating Insite with a third party application you are able to seamlessly control equipment in the field and receive real time responses from the equipment that is updated and stored in Insite. This minimizes the need to audit multiple platforms to verify paying customers for provided services.

Insites architecture lends it to integrate with third party applications without the effort of adding additional modules or components to the core system. Because of this the cost to setup and utilize an interface thru Insite is as much as 50% less than other competitors.